Menterprise Tutorial – Paragraph Formatting and HTML

Menterprise Tutorial – Paragraph Formatting and HTML
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going to take a look at a function here, a setting that will affect your HTML on the back end of your articles.
It’s right here, this little settings button above these modules, and I just click it here. And, um, it has to do with paragraph wrapping HTML, and, um, you may not want any, um, and you may not, you may want some, or you may want some with line breaks, but when you’re deploying it to, um, web 2.0, sometimes, uh, some of them are, you know, handle this differently than others.
So you want to kind of test it and see which of these work best because you have to my taste TML and you’re sending it to a web to point out.
It may look, you know, may look like God, where they go for, or they may be not formatted or whatever, but this is where you come in here and you change the formatting.
Anytime you’re going outside of a enterprise to post your articles, you’ll probably want to come back to this and have a look at this with them enterprise.
All I believe all of these work, but outside of enterprise, you might have some problems and want to format these correctly.
Then over here while we’re on the subject, you’ve got, uh, all these different ways to download the articles, single article, uh, spintax text file.
If, uh, Tom, your delimited spine, spine HTML, no spine, text files and pipe separated. And then you can all either all there’s also some variations right here.
You can copy the HTML, this one article and you can copy the spintax and then there’s some other functionality, but you know about downloading these go into, cause I just wanted to point that out this little button right here might make a difference to how things look on your web 2.0, thanks for while.

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