Watch Artificial Intelligence Create 10 Unique Articles In 31,5 seconds from Duplicate PLR Content

Welcome to our video, “Watch Artificial Intelligence Create 10 Unique Articles In 31.5 Seconds”.

The first thing we do is choose an article we would like to re-write to make it unique so we can use it to get free organic traffic from the sear ch engines and social media sites.

For this demonstration, we will be using a plr article also known as private label rights, these articles are used a lot on the internet by many different websites so they are typically duplicate content in the eyes of Google, so for SEO purposes they are basically useless. However, we can take a previously duplicate article like this and run it through a rewriting app using artificial intelligence to create up to 100 new unique articles from just that one article, and since the content should be over 80% unique Google should love it, you may still have to do basic search engine optimization, just like you would for any article you were to post.

As you can see the test article that we are using is plagiarized, meaning it has no value for us, so what we will do is run it through a.i. re-writing software and having it create as many versions of that article as we want, we could use the new unique content anywhere, like on your blog or marketing materials.

For this demonstration we will take one article and turn it into 10 articles. We will then test the uniqueness and readability of the re-written article. Although artificial intelligence has come a long way in the last few years it is not perfect. Rewriting using artificial intelligence reduces our workload by 90% to 95% and in some cases it creates a perfect article that doesn’t need any editing at all and it’s getting better every day so more articles are 100% unique and 100% ready to publish without any editing at all.

Rather than have to rewrite or create an entirely new article manually we can instead have the artificial intelligence rewriter do most of the work for us

Once the rewriter returns our new articles and before we use them we should check them for plagiarism, grammar and readability, just as you would any other article or piece of content before you posted it on your blog or used it for marketing.

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